Marketing budgets

Are you working with an assigned marketing budget? You would still like to give podcasting and blogging a try but might not be able to find ‘new’ money to fund the venture?

Why not reallocate some of the funds earmarked for your more traditional media marketing and advertising into podcasting and blogging?

Podcasting is a new media outlet and it should be included in your marketing mix along with other advertising strategies. If you already advertise in broadcast media and print, consider reallocating some of these funds to podcasting. If after a six month period you feel you are not getting the response you hoped for, you can cease work on new episodes and divert the funds back to traditional methods. The good news is that your podcast episodes will still be alive on the web and always available for new prospects to listen to. As a result your podcasting efforts will continue to pay dividends even after you stop work on new episodes.

What will most likely happen is that you will enjoy great success with your podcasts and blogs and go on to reallocate more funds from traditional advertising to support your social media strategies.


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