Business After Hours – Follow-up

To paraphrase a very old saying – ‘would you buy a used podcast from this man?’

BRASSmedia booth

Actually I do smile  . . . this was our booth at the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours . . .

Thanks to all the folks who dropped by and chatted and congrats to the winner of the MP3 player…don’t forget to load it up with some podcasts from BRASSmedia!

Setup time in the hall . . .
Setup in the hall

What I liked most was chatting with folks about Web 2.0 and discussing how it can be used for business. There were a few folks who didn’t know what it was all about and they listened politely while I went on and on about it – thanks to those with patience. Many folks on the other hand do Facebook and YouTube and if they didn’t,  they knew about it because their children did. Many were receptive to the notion that social networking could be used as ‘virtual water cooler’ in the enterprise. Two were even excited about it.

If you were at the event tonight and visiting us here for the first time . . . leave a comment below on what you thought about the Business After Hours event (not just the BRASSmedia part). For each comment we receive, I’ll donate a food item to the local (Penhold) food bank.


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