Our Value Proposition

BRASSmedia’s Value Proposition
Our customers
  • acquire access to new markets – through the use of the new web 2.0 technology and culture, 
  • enrich their current customers experienceby growing the relationship,
  • enjoy cost effective advertisingpodcasts and blogs are always available and cost less than traditional media,
  • increase their brand awareness through focused and constant communication with their customers and prospects,
  • increase salesby guiding, encouraging and leading prospects and existing customers further into the sales funnel,
  • enjoy a competitive advantageby being the first in the region to use blogs and podcasts to reach into these new markets.

We use our

  • experience– we have been blogging and podcasting since May of 2006,
  • knowledge of the new web – technology and culture,
  • unique skills – we are the only company in Central Alberta offering this service,
  • comprehensive strategies – to bring small and medium enterprises into the new world of online social media.

    By using Web 2.0’s feature rich and interactive tools we can put you and your customers in conversation mode. Promote your brand, establish yourself as a knowledge expert, penetrate niche target markets and share training and corporate information with staff in local or remote locations.

    PR events, product demonstrations, messages from the CEO, staff training and customer feedback are just some samples of the content you can plug into this new media platform.

    BRASSmedia consults, designs, produces and publishes digital media content for the Web 2.0 space. We will collaborate and partner with your marketing, PR, HR and Web people or act as your sole source provider.

    BRASSmedia also believes in our community. We provide volunteer consulting to community based non-profit groups and societies in the Red Deer area to help them promote their mission, activities and events through the use of Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, podcasts and social networking groups.



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