What we are doing with the BRASScast

What I really like about a blog versus a static web site is the fact that I can update it on the fly. I write my posts in the morning while checking email and having my coffee, during the day as things occur or in the evening after reflecting on the days events. The BRASScast podcast takes a little more planning and production.

With the last BRASScast we re-purposed a BRASSmedia blog post . . . I don’t listen to radio anymore. We plan to do that more often – particularly with the longer blog posts. Why? As another method of getting the message out there. Reading a blog has it’s benefits and so does listening to an audio podcast. Remember my PDF casts? Our new strategy is to publish a single message through as much media as possible.

Here are the formats we recommend to clients:

  • blog posts – the source of the main message;
  • audio podcast– an audio reading of the blog post;
  • video podcast– using the audio podcast and adding images…powerpoint presentation or photos for example;
  • PDF cast– converting the original blog post into an Adobe PDF document;
  • CD cast – compiling podcasts onto an audio CD and handing out to prospects;
  • DVD cast– compiling video podcasts onto DVD and giving these out to prospects and anyone curious to know more;
  • eMail cast – Feedburner offers a feed through email instead of RSS (I use this for one of my other blogs).

Why? It’s all about choices. My advice to clients is to get the message out there in as many forms as your customers use to gather their news and information. There are a lot of choices in the world of Web 2.0. Since digital media is low cost and immediate a single message can be published in many different forms to reach people in a way they choose.

What else?

  • different languages…if your customers use English as a second language, consider hiring someone to translate your blogs and podcasts into their language. This customization will extend your reach. In Canada we have two official languages – French and English but the people who are part of our communities have diverse culture and languages. Don’t forget to include them in your marketing mix.
  • format for phones…SMS, texting, twitter are another way people are keeping connected on the go. Reformatting your message to accommodate these tools should be part of the deployment plan.

There’s more but I’ve finished my morning coffee and it’s time to get to work on other things . . .

Dean Owen

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