Publishing your audio podcast on Facebook – the audiogram!

A new term has entered into the online media dictionary – “audiogram“. It’s a unique way to publish an audio podcast to Facebook as a video. Usually we publish a link to the audio podcast to a Facebook status update. The catch here is that Facebook gives greater relevance to an uploaded video versus a link to another site. So to get greater impact it’s suggested that you create a video with a still picture (say your logo and title) using you podcast as the audio track. Hence the “audiogram”

It adds one more step in the process but if you use Facebook as a distribution platform, it may be worth it to get more support and reach from Facebook. The catch is in how people use Facebook. Typically they scroll through their newsfeeds. The audio plays in the background but if they refresh or click on a picture or article then it stops the video playback. There may be options for the video player in the future but time will tell if it comes out as a Facebook feature.

In the meantime, it may be worth it in adding this version of your podcast to your list of publishing platforms. Here’s a sample we did up for a client we produce a podcast for.



BRASSmedia Canada

phone: 403 896-4956


fb-black twitter-black video-black

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