Canon offers up a great camera for citizen journalism

We don’t normally recommend any particular technology when it comes producing video or audio but this just can’t be ignored. For many years now many manufacturers have created and brought to market specialized video cameras with prices going down and quality going up. Even a good smart-phone can produce decent video particularly when handled properly. This comes in handy for citizen journalism since it now puts documenting daily life or breaking news into the hands of anyone who is there on the scene. The new Canon Vixia Mini-X looks like a great unit to have on-hand all of the time for those just in case opportunities.


The camera has many features that make it a great piece of gear for citizen journalists, video bloggers or folks who want more than just a smart-phone video camera.

  1. large, built-in stereo microphone for clear recording with minimal noise using enhanced Linear PCM 16-bit audio at a 48 kHz sample rate;
  2. full-format 1920 x 1080 HD videos in both MP4 and AVCHD (60i) formats recorded to SD media.
  3. variable-angle LCD view screen with a built-in stand simplifies place-and-shoot recordings or self-shoot productions;
  4. one-touch switching between Wide and Close-up modes.
  5. Electronic image stabilization helps reduce camera shake when shooting close-up during handheld shoots,
  6. advanced built-in Wi-Fi® functions support live remote streaming to video monitors for surveillance and other applications,
  7. conventional HDMI output to large-screen TVs.
  8. enhanced battery offers 2.5-times the record time of previous models for extended shooting time.
  9. a genuine Canon f/2.8 fisheye lens to give your videos a look that conventional camcorders and cameras can’t match.
  10. external microphones can be connected to the camcorder;
  11. separate Mic Level control adjusts recording levels;
  12. you can also listen to recordings as they are being made using external headphones.

The built in WiFi features make this a great rig for capturing news at the scene and then uploading it right away – getting the news out without delay. You can also remote control the camera and receive the video via smartphone apps for the iOS and Android.

Watch the promo video here . . .

This camera is totally different in how it gives us access producing video in our daily lives. It retails in Canada with a MSRP of $399 at the Canon eStore


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