In-Store digital display advertising works

As we wander through stores looking for stuff we are always exposed to a variety of eye catching promotional material. The printed signs are easy to create and place and certainly an affordable option. Now we are in the digital age and here is a chance for small retailers, offices and restaurants to take advantage of your customers visual views. We see digital advertising in larger locations such as chain retail stores, usually at the checkout. Fast-food restaurants are using them as teasers while you stand in line and even as menu boards.retail-video-display

Why? Shoppers actually appreciate in-store video displays. According to some studies*, consumers reported that in-store video displays that feature product or sale information are helpful. In fact, they said they were interested in seeing in-store video promotions that included sales and specials and product information.

Unplanned purchases increase*  because consumers who stop to watch the digital retail screens decide to purchase the showcased product on impulse.

Increases in spending per visit by an average of 10%. Digital signage introduces a ‘wow’ factor that engages, supports branding, helps the customer at the point of sale and most importantly, brings fun into the equation.*

*Arbitron / Mintell

It’s flexible. In-store video displays allow products to be advertised in an instant. Change your marketing message daily or as trends change.

How to do it? Although there are complex systems out there, you can make it as simple as a single LCD TV or monitor and play your video from a USB jump drive or media player. You can even display it vertically to have it fit your space.

How about content. PowerPoint displays or similar presentation software, video either DIY or professionally produced works well. It’s just that easy. Plan a strategy to coincide with your other marketing and include an in-store video display to boost your sales.


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