Be the media – create your own radio show with a Podcast

500px-speaker_icon_svgererA Podcast is an on-demand audio (sometimes video) production that people can listen to when, where and how then want. A true democratization of media production, podcasts give you the power to create your own audio or radio show. Get your message out there and keep your business or organizations name in front of your target market.


With a weekly audio show you can share your expertise with the market and establish yourself as a knowledge expert. Build your reputation as the place to go for accurate, informed and friendly information. Build a relationship with your potential customers and when it comes time to buy, they’ll look to you for that purchase since they know you and people like to do business with people.

microphoneThe possibilities are endless…. hosted shows, news shows, lifestyle reports, interviews, industry updates … the list goes on and on. BRASSmedia Canada can help you pick the type of show that would get you up and running.

Here’s a sample of a show we did for a client … here’s a link to the Business Case for their use of a podcast to market their business.

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BRASSmedia Canada

phone: 403 896-4956


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