3 Ways to boost your eCommerce with Video

Everyone knows how eCommerce can increase sales and spread your market reach beyond your local geographic area. But how can you make your eCommerce site or website more enticing to potential buyers and get them to click the buy button?
ecommerce buy buttonVideo can work wonders and here are three tips for using video on your eCommerce site to help you stand above your competition.

ONE – Product Demonstrations . . . Photos show your product but with video you can show your product’s unique features.widget groups A widget is a widget but what makes your different? Use video to show what makes your widget different, special and wanted compared with your competitor’s.


TWO – How To’s . . . Show your customers how to use your product in a real-world situation. Show them companion products to increase up-sales. Some assembly required? Show them how with a video.gear widgets


THREE – Company Profiles . . . People like to do business with people and a video is the best way to build a relationship with your customers.


Here’s a bonus tip!

Customer Support . . .

If you have calls from your customers with questions on how to get things to work properly or have a list of Frequently Given Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, video can provide a simple and quick solution. A video can go a long way in explaining which button to push to get things working for your customer. Thanks to mobile devices life phones and tablets, video can be viewed anywhere. Installing a left-handed widget onto a whatz-it?icon_video Your customer can take the phone or tablet with the and follow the video step by step to get things done. Reduce the frustration and create create a better customer experience.

Visit our Portfolio Page to see some real life examples of videos we have produced for our clients.

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