Red Deer is ready for social media

The City of Red Deer released the latest census report on July 2, 2010 with the full report available on their website next week. The general take on Red Deer is that it is a young city and growing. The average age is pegged at 34 years of age with a fairly even split between men and women. What does this mean for advertising and marketing? Red Deer is ready for social media.

The age groups known as Gen Y (19-25) and Gen X (26-40) make use of the web to gather information and communicate. It’s more than just a visit to your web page but actual interaction and sharing of information, experiences and recommendations. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos are a good example of popular social networking and social media sites. If the target market for your Red Deer business products and services is in these age demographics then think seriously about incorporating social media into your marketing and advertising. Otherwise you’ll miss out on opportunities and your competition will gain this growing demographic as customers.

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