What is a Podcast?

Social media has gone crazy with the skyrocketing growth of social technologies such as Twitter and Facebook but what about some of the other social technologies that started off the current revolution in online communications?

There was a time when blogs, wikis and podcasts led the parade known as Web 2.0 (a new way to use the web). They may have been overshadowed by Twitter and Facebook but they are still alive and well and can be powerful tools in your communications kit. Business, non-profits and educational sectors can all benefit from podcasts.

FAQ’s and FGA’s

(frequently asked questions and frequently given answers)

What is a podcast?

The technical answer defines a podcast as an audio or video file down-loadable from the internet for replay on a computer or portable device. It can be replayed when, where and as often as the listener wants. Podcasts have also been referred to as portable internet radio or as portable media.

Do I need an Apple iPod to listen to a podcast?

No, any computer or portable player such as MP3 players, phones, netbooks and Apples new iPad can be used.

What does podcast stand for?

Portable On Demand Narrow-casting is one description. Typically podcasts include unique, niche or narrowly focused topics that are not found on traditional broadcast mediums such as TV or radio.

Do I need a license from the CRTC to publish my podcast?


Is there a limit to the length of a podcast?

No. Popular podcasts range from a few minutes to over an hour. It’s all dependent on your content and how engaging it is to your audience.

Which is better: audio or video?

It depends on your topic. Audio is easy and costs less to produce and typically your audience will listen to your audio podcast while performing other tasks. It’s easy to listen to an audio show while commuting, exercising, working or even relaxing. Video requires more technology and time to create and view but some topics work better as videos. There are podcast producers who deliver their episodes in both audio and video formats which gives their subscribers the option to choose what’s best for them.

Does it cost a lot to create a podcast?

No. When compared to traditional broadcast media, podcasts are extremely inexpensive to produce and distribute.

Can I do it myself or should I contract out?

It depends. There are benefits to a DIY approach such as low cost, convenience and creative control. Contracting it out to a podcast professional on the other hand will usually result in better quality shows, more focused marketing messages and a targeted distribution.

Will podcasting work for our non-profit organization?

Yes. Podcasting is ideally suited for associations, fund-raising and non-profits. Low production costs, world-wide reach and niche discussion topics are where podcasts perform best.

This is a municipal election year in Alberta, can podcasts be used in my election campaign?

Yes. Just like with non-profits, candidates can make use of low production costs of podcasts in their campaigns. Since podcasts are easy to produce and and can published quickly they are ideally suited to breaking news and up to the minute responses to the voter’s questions. Podcasts also work well to communicate with the community after you’re elected.

Can my school use podcasting?

Yes. There is a long history of podcasts in education. Podcasts can be used for news, updates, events and as a supplement to classroom teaching and learning. Good examples are available at Apples iTunes U.

Can my company use podcasting?

Yes. Externally as a marketing tool. Information about your company and products such as industry trends, new products, advice, demos and user guides are ideal podcast topics. Internally, podcasts can be used as employee training, distributing HR information and inspirational messages from the CEO.

Were can I learn more about podcasting?

Contact us at BRASSmedia Canada and we’ll be glad to answer your questions…

  • phone: 403-896-4956
  • email: dean.owen@brassmedia.ca

And yes we are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Here’s a podcast episode that we created using a recorded workshop on Podcasting for Business:

Here’s Part 1 of the audio

click arrow to listen online

click here to download MP3 file >>> [download original file]

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