Microsoft to launch WebTV in the UK

Next week, MicroSoft will launch a WebTV service playing episodic shows in the UK. Destined to go head to head with other such services there are no plans to rebroadcast current shows or full length movies. Why would MS want to get into the online TV content/re-broadcast business? Here’s a quote from the the Web User article:

“The ad-supported service will go head to head with on-demand players such as the iPlayer, 4OD and Hulu, which is expected to launch later this year in the UK.”

Ad-supported service is where the money is at for MS. That’s why the MS-Yahoo deal is so huge. For many at MS, web based ad-supported services is the next pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow. It must really irk them (Steve Ballmer) to see others walk away with pockets bulging with cash from online advertising platforms. They keep chasing those rainbows hoping that they’ll pay off.

What does it mean for audiences and viewers? Another web based channel to watch your favorite shows from.



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