Podcasts we’re listening to

Every once in awhile I like to search for new podcasts to listen to . . . I still have my favourites but it’s important to check out what new stuff is out there in case I might be missing something. Here’s what we are listening to now:

Favourites (long-time & regular listening):

No Agenda – Adam Curry and John C Dvorak (warning: explicit language NSFW) … a lot of fun and although there are times when Adam gets too full of himself there have been episodes that had great content. They also have some interesting side technologies such as the ‘drop.io’ site where listeners can submit material related to the show’s discussion topics.

TWIT – This week in tech with Leo Laporte and various guests … entertaining and sometimes will actually give some info into new happenings in technology. I find it interesting to hear the thoughts and opinions of the movers and shakers and visionaries of the web. Leo has a video version of this show along with other topics. A true pioneer and leader in online broad web-casting.

Canadian Podcast Buffet – Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche. If you’re interested in what’s happening in the Canadian podcast community, this is a must listen. These two guys do so much to support, promote and encourage Canadian podcasters it’s incredible. They also have links to Canadian podcast shows via their website.

Atomic Suburbia – Daryl “Cognito” Pamplin from the basement of the internet … where he demonstrates the value of audio podcasts in creating a ‘theatre of the mind’.

Checking out these shows . . .

TEDtalks … video casts from the ‘ideas worth spreading’ TED conference.

Alberta Global Forum – UofC Faculty of communication and culture … this is a new listing but they don’t have much happening on iTunes. On their website they have links to one audio episode and a YouTube video. Let’s hope more will come as time goes by.

Ear On Social Issues – Edmonton Social Planning Council … part of my goal to listen to and support Alberta based podcasting.

The BFF show – Sean J and Mikey (warning: explicit language NSFW) … Edgy comedy from two Alberta podcasters.

I plan to update this as time goes by and I add new shows to my iPod . . .

Let us know what podcasts you listen to – and why.

Talk with you later . . .


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