Commenting on the ‘Hype Cycle’

Thanks to Tech-Crunch for posting this link to Gartner’s recent ‘Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies – 2008’. Click here for a link to their podcast on hype cycles.


Keep in mind that just as Gartner states, these technologies move through the hype cycle at different speeds. Some never make it through the entire cycle and die out at various points along the timeline. Where’s podcasting? Is it part of Web 2.0? Is Gartner taking the view that podcasting has disappeared? BTW: Gartner still podcasts on a regular basis.

Oh here it is  . . . on Gartner’s 2005 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle – working it’s way to the top of inflated expectations peak . . . but missing from the 2006 version.

So exactly what is my point? There are technologies that you may want to jump on in order to make your life or your business more successful. The hard part is choosing the right one. If you deliver technology service you will want to pick the ‘popular’ ones – those that will make you a leader in your industry and be first to market. If you use technology services, you will want to use the one that supports your strategic business goals and connects you to your customers. Even if it’s a Tablet PC (at the bottom of the trough of disillusionment in 2005).


One thought on “Commenting on the ‘Hype Cycle’

  1. I notice Gartner doesn’t include SaaS – software as a service, something that certainly has me intrigued. Adobe’s tools and Sitemasher (among many, many others) seem to be forging a path to deliversome of this technology to orgainzations that can’t afford the software in a box.

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