By 2012, Internet Video Will Be Everywhere

As posted on Podcasting News

“According to Forrester analyst James L. McQuivey, Ph.D., you’ll encounter “a dozen video platforms per day,” – what he calls an OmniVideo world.”

“In Forrester’s view, video “is about to explode, driving up total video viewing time from 4 hours per day to 5 hours by 2013.”

“The percent of video that is user-generated will jump from 2% to 10% “

Where will all of this video content come from? Mostly commercially produced sources: movies, TV shows, advertising etc. To fill the gap with content to fit the multiple platforms (location, size, time etc) new markets will open for content creators. The niche creators from the Long Tail will be able to tap into this market. As well as the predicted increase in user-generated video from 2% to 10%.

To make this market work (e.g. make money) for smaller content creators and providers, there needs to be a step up in quality. Not just technical but in the quality of the content subject and communication of the subject matter. Rambling and unfocused hosts on videos or live internet TV will not work for a more critical viewers. We have seen this shift in preference in blogs and podcasts where the novelty is (or has) worn off and now people want something of value from content creators.

Great opportunities lie ahead for small video content creators.


One thought on “By 2012, Internet Video Will Be Everywhere

  1. OMG –

    Our little company is all over the video space, and how one monetizes video.

    But But But – viewing video 5 hours a day. Get a life.

    Go outside, play, get healthy, enjoy life!

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