Virtual Customer Service Reps

I just came across this company which is based in Edmonton – Codebaby. Codebaby is a ‘virtual agent’ – an avatar (cartoon?) character which interacts with humans. The virtual agents have various names – Cloe, Vicki, Page Turner and others. What makes this a Web 2.0 technology is it’s use in customer service and staff training which is interactive and can be delivered at remote sites.

What looks really exciting is their move into delivery to mobile devices such as cell phones.  Lots of opportunities here. One that comes to mind is delivering product manuals via Codebaby. Can’t find the paper based manual for your micro-wave oven? And your computer is too far away from the kitchen to refer to? Imagine just dialing up a Codebaby driven manual and standing right there at the micro-wave and following directions.

Here’s a video featuring Codebaby.


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