Cyber Monday & Blogs and Podcasts

Today is Cyber Monday when an estimated $700Million will be spent on products purchased from on-line retailers. What does this have to do with blogs and podcasts?

For the web world in general this means that more and more people are engaging in the internet shopping experience.

These same people (called eye-balls in web parlance) are also using the web to research their products. Not just for price but also for corporate culture, reliability of the seller, quality of products and the ability of the people they are doing business with to make the customer experience a positive event. Not just once but continually.

Podcasts, blogs and a rich Web 2.o presence enable you to communicate such elements as the values of your company to the shopping community. Engaging your current customers and prospects in conversation will go a long way in developing a relationship with your buyers. Of course this takes planning and positioning that should have begun long before Cyber Monday…but it’s not too late!

If you start in now on a marketing strategy which includes podcasts and blogs and social networking you will be in the position to take advantage of the growing number of online shoppers. Maybe the next Cyber Monday will be the day you increase your sales and profits and get your share of that $700Million.  With a strong and organized web marketing strategy you can can make everyday a Cyber Monday!

Dean Owen

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