BRASS Cast Episode 5 – Business Podcast Samples Part 2

BRASS Cast Episode 5 – Sample Business Podcasts Part 2

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Part two of a three part series of business podcast samples.

In this episode we hear how the “Craft Barn’s Crafters Corner” podcast uses the following elements in marketing their hobby craft brick-and-mortar and e-commerce supply outlet:

  • knowledge experts…helpful information about a specific craft related topic;
  • cross promotion…promotes their e-commerce website store and podcasts through traditional media;
  • multiple media in podcast…audio, video and PDFcasts;
  • frequent publishing…short episodes but published twice a week;
  • call to action…directs and encourages listeners to access their online cataloge.

In the next episode we hear how a specialty travel business leverages their community of customers to promote their travel packages.

Dean Owen

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