BRASScast Episode 25 – LIVE Presentation ‘Podcasting for Business’

We had a great time at the Business Link Brown Bag Presentation on PODcasting for Business last week on October 2, 2008. Thanks to all of the folks from the Business Link –  Sonja, Heidi and all of the folks who attended – in Edmonton and at the remote video conference sites. There seemed to be a lot of interest in Podcasting for business and that’s a good thing.

Here’s Part 1 of the audio

click arrow to listen online

click here to download MP3 file >>> [download original file]
What I saw from the podium

The video version – PowerPoint slides – will be available soon. Now onto the show notes.

Show Notes (reference to things talked about during the presentation)

As promised…here is a better view of the podcast listener demographic stats from Pew Internet Research. Click on the table for a larger version.

Pew Internet Research Podcast Listeners Demographics


Jay Conrad Levinson talks up Podcasting in Guerrilla Marketing.

Olympus Digital Voice recorder WS-300M – direct USB connection and windows media file format.

Podsafe music and IODA Promonet free music for podcasters thru Creative Commons licensing.

Software for recording podcasts: Garage Band for the MAC and Audacity for the PC.

The Levelator software which will optimize your recordings from Garage Band or Audacity.

The Long Tail by Chris Anderson – why digital distribution works for broad and niche content.

Microphones: Sony f-v420 and Plantronics DSP-400.

Podcast directories: Apple iTunes, Canada Podcast Directory, (free hosting – but they reserve the right to insert ads into your podcast), Podcast Pickle, Podcast Directory, Podango (free hosting – but they insert ads in your podcast).

Podcasting Resources: Podcast Academy, Podcasting News, Podcast 411, Podcasting Tools, TalkShoe,

Metrics: CRTC 2007 report, eMarketer, Pew Internet Research, ComScore, BRASSmedia WhitePaper Podcast Audience Demographics

Podcasting communities: Podcasting in Alberta (facebook), podCALGARY, Calgary Social & New Media Meetup

Some of the folks we met at the October 2 presentation:

Andreas Tesfaye …. from CKLB Radio in Yellowknife NWT

Graeme Burns …. the Communications Concierge – here’s a link to his podcast

Dave Daniels …. RockSolid Music

Folks we met at the May 2008 presentation who are podcasting:

Greg Gazin, the Gadget Guy has ToastCaster for the ToastMasters organization.

Sylvia Schneider, Pondside Digital Media Inc, has Canada Equine …On-Line (click on Podcasts in the left side-bar)

Talk to you later . . .


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