The Fight for Canada’s Digital Future – Dr Michael Geist at Red Deer College

Kempton Lam sent us a message via the Facebook group – Fair Copyright for Canada – Calgary Chapter.

Subject: Dr. Michael Geist to speak at Red Deer College in March

Dear Fair Copyright For Canada Calgary Chapter members,

Dr. Michael Geist will be speaking at Red Deer College in March. Please attend and pass along this message

Here’s  some info,
Perspectives: Canada in the World welcomes Dr. Michael Geist as he speaks on the topic “Why Copyright? The Fight for Canada’s Digital Future

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
7:30 p.m.
RDC Arts Centre, Main Stage

More info visit here,

Special thanks to Carlen (a communications instructor at RDC) for passing along the info

Why should this be of interest to you and why is it important to media and new media in particular? Before the last Canadian federal election in October 2008, there was a bill (C-61) going before parliament that would introduce major changes to Canada’s copyright laws. What made it controversial was that it was based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and was promoted by US based lobbyists to the Canadian government behind closed doors. Copyright is a good thing in protecting the rights of content producers regarding the ownership of their works, but the DMCA has flaws that protect the record companies and entertainment conglomerates and severely limits the consumer’s and artist’s rights.

Check it out and make your own decision on this issue.  


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