CRTC and new media – Update

As mentioned in earlier posts, the CRTC is investigating the possibility of regulating new media and web based content similar to their role in traditional media sectors. Here some links to items out on the web related to this:

The CRTC’s public consultations are open on February 19 and 20, 2009. If you want to ensure that web based content is delivered without bias (regulatory censorship) or high-costs (unrealistic levy’s) then you should take part in this discussion. If you are a consumer or content creator or both, this is a very important point in time for new media in Canada. With the growth in online video, audio and blogging we need to ensure that our needs are heard and met. Otherwise we will see the old-TV revolution all over again – a small number of providers, too much (intrusive) advertising, restricted freedom of speech and the squashing of innovation.

Here’s how to file (from the CRTC web site):

Procedures for filing comments
46. Interested parties can file their comments to the Secretary General of the Commission:
by using the
Broadcasting Intervention/Comments Form

by mail to
CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2

by fax at

47. Submissions longer than five pages should include a summary.
48. Please number each paragraph of your submission. In addition, please enter the line ***End of document*** following the last paragraph. This will help the Commission verify that the document has not been damaged during transmission.



One thought on “CRTC and new media – Update

  1. Came across this article in ITWorld Canada “ISPs want user-generated content in broadcasting definition”.

    What’s really interesting is a reference to SOCAN seeking a levy at the ISP level to collect money for musical artists. It’s bad enough that they collect a levy on blank CD/DVD discs (which just went up by 38%) many of which are not used for music but for data backup.

    Pay attention…


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