OldsTV.com – the future of TV?

Yellow Line Productions out of Olds Alberta is now in the TV business – OldsTV.com. Check it out! I just found out about OldsTV.com tonight and didn’t have much time to chat with Fred, the driving force behind this pioneering effort into local television programming and distribution. Is this the future of TV? It has all the elements of Web 2.0 and the Long Tail . . .niche topics for a niche market delivered on the web!

Let’s hope that it is financially viable and OldsTV.com can stay on the ‘air’ for a long time. It might become the model for more versions of web TV coming out of local niche markets that the larger networks can’t cover.

On a similar note, the Edmonton Journal had an article in today’s paper featuring two radio entrepreneurs who are starting a music/talk radio station out of Leduc County. They are patiently awaiting the CRTC’s ruling and awarding of the vacant FM band slot. They have some heavy competition and we wish them the best but why didn’t they just start up web based radio station? Traditional radio stations are losing audience and, as a result sponsors in a downward trend that is starting to turn into a death spiral.

It may be a few years into the future, but radio and TV content will be delivered via broadband wireless signal to portable devices such as the iPhone and other smart phones. This will happen when the telecom industry in Canada moves out of the ’90s and starts delivering value for money to their customers.

Until then, watch for more from OldsTV.com.


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