Belated Christmas message

I just came across this video from  Mike Spiff Booth, based on a song from Jonathan Coulton . . .

What does it all mean?

Podsafe music is music made available from artists for use in podcasts typically through a Creative Commons copyright agreement. By using podsafe music and following the guidelines for use, podcasters can avoid getting sued for copyright infringement – usually by the R.I.A.A. – The Recording Industry Association of America.

BTW: there is a lot of good music out there from podsafe music sites – not just for podcasts, but for general listening as well. A great example of the Long Tail of digital creation and distribution.

C.C. Chapman is well known in the new media and podcasting world for his views and vision on the future of the new web and such things as music in this new space.

Adam Curry is a founding (if not THE founding) father of podcasting.

Len & Nora are pioneers in podcasting.

Jonathan Coulton is a music artist who has made his fame on the web. Jonathan is living proof of the power the new web can give to performers and writers without the help from the traditional music business machine.

World of WarCraft is the setting used for the video characters. WoW is the famous online game but it is also used for a new form of movie making called Machinima.

Machinima is the making of movie like stories – shorts and longer – using the animations in video games. Watch this for a history and description of machinima from Officer Dan – Machinima 101.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dean Owen

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