PDF Casts – Rich Media Publishing

Do you have documents such as media releases, articles, how-to pamplets or even e-books that you would like to publish to subscribers? PDF casts are the answer. There are many web sites with links to PDF files but sometimes it’s better to push them out to your audience versus letting them eventually find their way to them. One advantage of sending your feed to iTunes is that iTunes recognizes all ‘rich media content’. In other words not just audio or video but PDF files as well.

PDF or the Portable Document Format file was developed by Adobe to be a ‘device independent’  universally viewable document. Think about it this way – a PDF file is a ‘picture’ of your original document and can be viewed without the recipient needing the original software program you used to create it with. Thanks to Adobe and their release of Acrobat Reader as free software, the PDF file is a great way to share documents on the web. The PDF file typically can not be changed or edited so your original content stays intact. With newer versions you can even embed hyperlinks to web URLs.

So back to PDF casts . . . you can repackage your documents as PDF files and send them out to your subscribers. This is called repurposing content and is very economical. You already have the content in the various documents, so converting them to PDF files lets you re-use them to reach another audience. Very powerful!

Not all podcast aggregators or podcatchers will accept PDF files as content. Besides iTunes there are a few such as JUICE (the former iPodder) which do. Here is some more on PDF casting.

I’m starting to convert my blogs into PDF files and including them as a link on my blog post. I may even start experimenting with a seperate PDF Cast feed – BRASSmedia-PDFcasts…I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

Dean Owen

download PDF version

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