Podcast as learning tool at UofA

While reading the Edmonton Journal newspaper (yes I still read hard-copy) this morning over coffee I came across this article featuring how some University of Alberta medical students are using podcasts to learn about their subjects. What was unique about what they were doing is how they turn their dry academic medical information into pop […]

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Some podcasting numbers

Are you curious to know some of the numbers about podcasting? The following were collected from a variety of sources across the web – from blogs, articles, newsletters, podcasts and news releases…what do they mean? That podcasting is growing, going mainstream and will see more growth in the upcoming year. 126,000– Podcast ‘shows’on iTunes…(attributed to […]

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Cyber Monday & Blogs and Podcasts

Today is Cyber Monday when an estimated $700Million will be spent on products purchased from on-line retailers. What does this have to do with blogs and podcasts? For the web world in general this means that more and more people are engaging in the internet shopping experience. These same people (called eye-balls in web parlance) […]

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