Gutbuster TV features indy pro wrestling clips

We just released the second episode of ‘Gutbuster TV’, a show we produce in partnership with Second Row Productions. We have been working with them on a series of audio podcasts so the move to video made sense. The challenge was in how to create the video content required for an hour long show. Indy pro wrestling shows operate around the world and most promotions shoot video of the shows, usually for YouTube. We worked on the initial concept with one of the producers from Second Row Productions, Thomas Little. He has many years experience in covering the indy pro wrestling scene in Alberta as a journalist, in-ring announcer and podcast host.

The show is essentially a clip show tied together with two hosts providing the introduction to the clip along with some analysis of the action and the wrestlers involved. We shoot the hosts in our studio in front of a green screen. Little writes the scripts, organizes the video clips and works with promoters and individual wrestlers to obtain clips of interest. The show’s co-host, Otto Allan offers analysis, promotes the show in social media and also visits live indy wrestling shows in the Alberta region to promote the show. Otto has taken the 360′ video camera to shows to capture some of the action in the ring for our special feature videos.

The final show is a great example of a community coming together to promote a sport they all love. The recent show had more content than we could accommodate in the 60 minute format so we needed to provide a ‘Bonus’ version for the extra content.

In addition to the analysis show, BRASSmedia Canada has also produced promo videos for wrestlers and a series of Christmas greetings for one of the Edmonton promotions.

As we move into 2017 we are currently looking at other ways to build the brand and expand our content library.

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