We are now shooting 360′ video – the first step into Virtual Reality

There is a new technology available when it comes to video for marketing and storytelling. It has been referred to as Virtual Reality or VR and the first step into this emerging world  is 360′ video. Imagine being in the scene and instead of the flat view which is typical of video as we know it now, you can look around and see the action unfold as if you were really there. We like to call it immersive video. It’s just like being there.

We are just starting work in this new and exciting area of story telling and here is the first video we have produced. Look around and down and view what is happening behind you. You can watch this on a PC or a mobile device through YouTube or Facebook and even in a VR headset like Google Cardboard or Samsung VR. samsungvr-blog


To watch the video on YouTube, click and drag your mouse…on phone or tablet, use your finger to swipe. For best results, set your resolution to HD.


Watch for more 360′ video in the weeks to come from BRASSmedia Canada as we start in on some client projects. We are really excited about the potential this offers in story telling and viewer engagement.

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