Behind the scenes of the OCTV Olds Grizzlys Game of the Week

Olds Community TV & CKFM 96.5 Radio & Olds Grizzlys AJHL Hockey Team

Partners in the OCTV Olds Grizzlys Game of the Week 

We record the games live in partnership with CKFM 96.5 radio station, who provide the audio play-by-play commentary. Galen Hartviksen from CKFM calls the play and Hugh Bodmer from OCTV does the colour commentary. The game recordings are then broadcast on Olds Community TV, Channel 148 on the O-NET IPTV network in Olds at a later date but typically before FullSizeRenderthe next home game.

The game play makes use of three cameras to capture the action. Instant replays are provided following an important play such as a goal. A wide camera angle covers most of the ice service, a medium camera gets the board to board action and a medium close camera captures the play up close and personal and is also used as the ‘replay’ angle. FullSizeRender_1Graphics include game openers, scoreboard and advertising cards via a split screen view.

The rebroadcast version includes ‘Hockey Talk’, hosted by Hugh Bodmer and features game night interviews with players, coaches and volunteers involved with the Olds Grizzlys.

The system we use to record and mix the game allows us to send a live video feed to the ‘jumbo-tron’ video panel in the arena forFullSizeRender game-play and instant replays. The video stream is also provided to ‘FastHockey’, a subscriber based live web-stream service used by the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

The ‘crew’ is made up of three people on a regular basis. Two camera operators follow the action and a director mixes and manages the cameras and graphics. Occasionally we have a camera and operator down at ice level to shoot some ‘B-Roll’ of the action around the net which gets added later when we edit the video for the game.

BTW: We don’t get to ‘watch’ the game until it’s broadcast on OCTV. Following the action to get the right angles, concentrating on switching cameras and finding replays keeps us so busy during the game that we don’t have time to relax and enjoy the hockey going on in front of us. When the game is broadcast we get the opportunity to lean back, follow the action and cheer on the ‘Grizz. It’s a fun project and we are proud to be able to support our local hockey team. We really appreciate the collaboration we receive from CKFM and the Olds Grizzlys in making this project IMG_0700work. We also would like to thank our viewers for their support and feedback in motivating us to get this going.

— Dean

Another BTW: if you are interested in sponsoring or advertising on ‘The Game of the Week’, give us a call and we can talk — Dean




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