CNWA Pro Wrestling TV: DVD sales are still alive and well

Canadian Independent Pro Wrestling at its best: CNWA Pro Wrestling TV – DVD’s – this is a project we worked on for a few years. Even though the CNWA folded (though some promotions are still using the name) these DVD’s will keep things alive.


BRASSmedia Canada assisted in the event tv show production, in post production and owns the rights for the DVD production and distribution. Although DVD as a distribution platform has declined for some content thanks to online access, we still sell many units at live events. It’s convenient, easy and not everyone has enough broadband to download or watch a show via stream.DVD’s still meet the need in some niche areas of content creation and distribution. 


BRASSmedia Canada designed and manages the CNWA Pro Wrestling TV DVD sales website, eCommerce site (Wazala)  and Facebook Page.

Capture0f website IMG_0194


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