Inside the CNWA audio podcast – a show we are now producing for From The Second Row Productions

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Inside the CNWA is an audio podcast featuring news, interviews and commentary about CNWA Pro Wrestling. Canadian National Wrestling Alliance or CNWA, is an independent pro wrestling promotion offering shows across Canada. The audio for the podcast is recorded onsite and in a studio with hosts ‘The Legend’ T. James Logan, who is a free-lance sports writer and ‘Mr. Beefy Goodness’ Vance Nevada who has been a professional wrestler, promoter and author for twenty years.

T. James Logan records the interviews at various wrestling shows in Alberta using portable gear. The main content – with T. James and Vance talking back and forth is recorded by Thomas Little. The audio files are then sent to us here at BRASSmedia Canada where we perform the post-production tasks. We edit, process and prepare the audio files for distribution. The podcast show is then uploaded to our Libsyn hosting site. Publishing is through Stitcher Radio at where it receives international distribution. The show is then promoted through various Facebook pages with mobile friendly embed code or direct links.


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