We are collaborating with the Olds Municipal Library to offer webcast training sessions to the local business community

BRASSmedia Canada is proud to partner with the Olds Municipal Library to offer FREE training sessions to any member of Uptowne Olds and the  Olds & District Chamber of Commerce. These sessions are provided by the Business Link via video conferencing and the cost is subsidized by BRASSmedia Canada. The training sessions offered are all geared towards adding to your knowledge of doing business on the web. Online marketing should be included in your marketing tool kit – now more than ever!

To take part in the session all you need to do is register with the Olds Municipal Library either via phone, email or in person and then show up at the session. This offer is open to all Uptowne Olds member businesses and their employees. If you can’t make it – pass the following coupon onto someone who can. You are welcome to attend any or all of the courses. There are a limited number of seats so be sure to register early.

Enjoy the classes . . . for more info contact the Olds Municipal Library @ 403-556-6460 or Dean Owen at 403-896-4956 or dean.owen@brassmedia.ca

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