Traditional TV gets boost from social media

There are hints that social media – blogs, Twitter and Facebook – are driving audiences to view traditional TV. Large events such as the Oscars and the Vancouver Olympics show that it is important to tie in social media and engagement with the event. Some experts in the TV business are convinced that there is a distinct co-relation between traditional media and social media. Others are not so sure and are down right skeptical.

It’s no surprise to hear the ‘experts’ deny social media’s role in enhancing the audience experience in traditional TV viewing. If your main business was making and selling buggy whips, the last thing you would do is admit that the horse-less carriage was a genuine transportation vehicle and tend to refer to it as a curiosity and nothing more than a fad.

Two screening – watching TV with your computer or smart-phone in hand is a reality and actually aids in the viewing experience. Sharing comments with others – friends or strangers – is a genuine part of the audience participation. Talking during a movie in a theater is frowned upon but Tweeting or IM’ing is a great way to share your thoughts on what’s happening in front of you.

Can and does social media drive viewers to traditional TV? There is no doubt that it does just like any word of mouth marketing would.


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