Movies from the web – no more trips to the video store

Years ago when we purchased our first video tape deck (BTW it was a Beta) trips to the video store became a weekly routine. I remember spending an hour and sometimes longer browsing through the titles on the shelves looking at blockbusters and the odd and unusual. Then we switched to satellite and pay-for-view movies became our source of entertainment with a trip to the local video store as a backup when the pickings were slim on the satellite feed. Then came online DVD stores – order via the web and the movie is shipped over night right to your door. Now there is a new option – downloading movies (legally of course) from online video stores such as iTunes.

This was how it was explained to me by a fan of iTunes and AppleTV…

“I drive down to Block****** and pick out a DVD. Sometimes they have what I want, sometimes they don’t. I get home and it doesn’t work – it skips, jumps, bad sound or no sound. Take it back to Block****** and trade it for another one. Get home and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Now with my AppleTV (essentially a computer hooked up to your TV and home theater system) I order up a movie from iTunes and by the time dinner is cooked, the movie is downloaded. No more wasted time driving down to Block******. And when winter turns foul – no more going out when it’s twenty below. No wonder Block****** is going out of business.”

You don’t need an AppleTV since any computer will do the same job as long as it can be hooked up to your TV. iTunes is a free download – runs on a Mac or on Windows. Movies – rent or own, TV shows and even audio books.

Although this might sound like an advertisement for iTunes and AppleTV it isn’t meant to be. We just wanted to share with you alternatives to traditional TV. Alternatives which reflect the changing world of media consumption. The control is now in the hands of the consumer in how, where and what they consume.



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