Web browsers – IE 8 or Firefox or Safari or Chrome or . . .

What browser do you use? Firefox is going strong at over 100 downloads a minute. What ever happened to Google Chrome? I use IE and Firefox but mostly Firefox. Believe it or not I still come across web pages that don’t work with Firefox. That’s when I use IE.

Will I switch to IE 8? Probably not . . . not because of features but because of the ad campaign that Microsoft has going. What the heck are these guys thinking? Are they missing the point or is it me? Maybe I’m so un-cool I don’t get it? Kinda like the Seinfeld-Gates ads. I didn’t get those either. To their credit the “I’m a PC” ads were okay.

Sorry, it’s not me . . . the IE 8 videos are bad. Hmm…maybe that’s the point. By linking to them and calling them down, maybe MS hopes they’ll go viral and the web community will do the heavy lifting for them. It’s a riskbut this one alone is enough to make me not want to have anything to do with the product they’re promoting.

July 2, 2009 Update . . . MS has removed the following video from YouTube and otherwise removed it from the campaign. Too bad – but ultimately a good thing!

BTW: the following video contains depictions of bodily fluids some people may find gross.



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