An employer vlog

Thanks to Rick Couture for passing this link on to us . . VlogYourJob. A video blogging site for employers recruiting talent in the UK.

Here are some others . . .

Job Search Marketing’s Career Video Podcast (video job descriptions – I liked the one about ‘webmaster’)

Recruiting Fly, Recruiting Fly Blog (check out the ‘Jobs in Pods’ widget on the right side banner or go there directly)

From the making of a recruitment video and some metrics. (here’s the video)

Jobhawk – a job board with a difference – video postings! (an interesting approach – using stock video footage with the actual job posting in the audio – very cost effective!)

For the fun of it – Bill Richardson for President

Standout Jobs – combines video with a blog posting

A list of the 10 best recruiting websites (not all vlogs though) from KnowHR 

Is your company ready to step into the world of online employee recruitng via blogs, podcasts and videos? If you are, contact us at BRASSmedia and we can talk!

Dean Owen

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