BRASScast Episode 22 – Part 1 Advanced Systems Web 2.0 Seminar ‘What Is Web 2.0’

BRASScast Episode 22 – Part 1 Advanced Systems Web 2.0 Seminar ‘What Is Web 2.0’ click arrow to listen online click here to download MP3 file >>> [download original file] ___________________________________________________________________________________________ We had a great time at the seminar today. My presentation was on ‘What is Web 2.0?’. A very big topic and if I had […]

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Podcast advertising works

According to numbers released in April by Podtrac, a leading network of podcasts and TNS, a global market research company, podcasts and online video show ads are three times more effective than traditional online ads. Wait – there’s more! Compared with industry benchmarks of 21% for streaming video and 10% for television, unaided ad awareness […]

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Upcoming for 2008

There are many predictions for 2008 out there – in politics, business, lifestyle, fashion, technology etc. Here is my list for 2008. Wishes, predictions, expectations and goals all rolled into one. (This is a long list by the way!)

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