Youth and Social Media

In looking through my google reader this morning, I came across the following blog posting: How youths are using social media from J.D. Lasica. It includes a link to a report for “National School Boards Association: Creating and Connecting//Research and Guidelines on Online Social — and Educational — Networking.” BTW: I found my way here from Steve […]

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More on Bullying

As a follow-up to my post Local School Board Blocks Social Networking Sites, Bill Belsey was kind enough to send me a media release for his new website….Here is the link to the PDF….Bill Belsey – media release. Dean Owen

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Museums and Web 2.0

Museums – small or large – local or global can make use of web 2.0. Blogging and podcasting are ideally suited to aid a museum in it’s objectives of marketing and education. Large museums have ‘virtual’ exhibits, but many smaller museums have been faced with challenges in getting their message and collections out on the […]

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The Duke Digital Initiative

Podcast Academy just posted an episode featuring Zachary Pogue from Duke University on their podcasting and digital teaching initiatives. Known as the Duke Digital Initiative or DDI, this is a hybrid digital teaching model. For all the educators out there, check out the DDI. In answer to the concern of workload issues, Duke makes use of […]

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