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TV studio in your basement – update

We had posted about setting up a TV studio in your basement ala Leo Laporte a few months back and it has received a few hits from folks out there. This past weekend we brought our setup online and broadcast/webcast our first live show for Radio Free Red Deer – independent music from the heart of Alberta.

Here’s the show . . .

Here’s the setup . . .

Cameras: Canon DV camcorder connected via firewire, Samsung 8mm camera connected via USB VidBox convertor;

Lighting: three CFL daylight bulbs in aluminum clamp-on reflectors;

Audio: Shure SM-58 mic, Behringer mixer – connected via USB interface;

Software: Vidblaster video mixer – trial version;


Here’s what we learned . . .

Vidblaster needs a more powerful computer than what we ran it on. It’s a great piece of software but it does get finicky. A quad-core PC or better running in a clean environment (no background processes) would improve the performance. We had a problem with video/audio sync which is directly related to the hardware according to Vidblaster’s support forums. For our next show we will connect directly to and that should align the audio and video.

Be prepared for anything…equipment failure, mis-cues, etc. After all it’s live and anything can happen.

It’s more fun if you have others to share the workload – and the fun! Multi-tasking can get hectic.

TV (and any video for that matter)  is more than audio with pictures. It needs to be visually appealing so lots of graphics and even full motion visuals add to the viewer experience. Watching some guy talk into a mic can get boring. Since this show is all about music I think we can get away with an emphasis on the audio with less visual content.

What’s next . . .

We would like to go on locations and broadcast live bands performing at some of the venues in the area. Once we work out some of the syncing problems this will be our next step.

Broadcasting live events other than music is something else we would like to do. The key requirement is availability of internet bandwidth. Without some form of reliable and consistent high-speed connection live video fails.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress. If you’re out there doing this type of live video via the web, let us know and we’ll feature your show and share your work.



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100 Huntley Street on YouTube – a new form of televangelism

It’s funny how life has little moments that seem coincidental or accidental but have great value in learning what’s going on in the world around us. Serendipity I think it’s called. This morning I watched a show on TV that I don’t normally view, 100 Huntley Street – an evangelical religious broadcast – which follows the morning news from Edmonton on Global. Usually I change the channel but since I was catching up on my blog reading I was momentarily distracted. My ears perked up when they started describing their new YouTube channel. Religion and the web seem to be made for each other. Large potential audiences, low production costs, little to no censorship all make for a great medium to spread the word.

As they talked about their YouTube venture it was clear that their web people grasped the value and purpose of web based marketing. They slice up the TV broadcast into 5-7 minute segments, tag them with keywords, publish them to YouTube and then monitor the amount of traffic and comments each segment receives. They get it. Re-purposing content lowers costs of production. They already have a large audience and group of followers. More to the point though is how they make the content available to niche interests. This is a major difference between ‘broadcast/mass media’ looking for the lowest common denominator and the ‘narrow-cast/niche media’ of the web, tailoring the message to suit the viewer. Sometimes even allowing the individuals in the audience to fine-tune the message that comes to them making it even more relevant. This clear understanding of new marketing via the web sells products, spreads the word and has even made what was once a marginal regional politician President of the United States. Very powerful.

As a side note to this… many years ago I watched 100 Huntley Street under similar circumstances and listened while David Mainse condemned computers as being an instrument of the devil (or words to that effect). When he said that there were 6 bits in a byte (computer lingo) and its relationship to the number of the beast ‘666’, I changed the channel. Technically wrong and as such the rest of the piece became unreliable as far as I was concerned. For the non-geeks out there, a bit is a fundamental building block of computing as we know it and there are in fact 8 bits in a byte. I guess since then Mr Mainse has seen the light and embraced computing and the web as way to deliver his message. BTW: if I misremembered this show from twenty or so years ago – I apologize and look forward to any correction if so provided.


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Thanks to all for Business Link seminar

Thanks to all for Thursday night’s Business Link seminar on ‘Blogging, Podcasting and Online Syndication”. This was a repeat of the seminar in February. Thanks to all the folks who attended in February as well.

Thanks to the folks at the Business Link in Edmonton, the folks out at the remote sites, Agnes and Karen here in Red Deer at Community Futures, Richard and the IT guys in Edmonton and most importantly all those who took the time to hear what I had to say about blogging, podcasting and online syndication.

Like I said at the beginning of each seminar . . . my goal – my commitment to you – was to get you excited about blogging and podcasting, show you some quick, easy and free tools to get you started and I hope I didn’t waste your time. Remember – don’t worry about it too much – just go out and do it! When you get your blog and/or podcast going  let me know – I’ll be a subscriber and active follower.

Talk to with you later…


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Business Link Seminar – March 12 evening session

We’ll be doing a repeat of last month’s seminar on the 12th of March. This time in the evening for the folks who couldn’t make it during the day. There still might be some room – give them a call and check it out. BTW: there was lots of room in the Red Deer location - love to see you there.








5013 – 49 AVENUE

T.    403.342.2055 

F. 403.347.6980
TOLL FREE.  1.888.343.2055  



Thursday, March 12 – Podcasting, Blogging, Online Syndication – 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Fee (non-refundable): $35.00 (including GST)
Podcasting is part of the new social media sweeping the online marketing landscape. It’s all about communicating with a new audience using a new media and engaging them on their turf. Blogs, podcasts, video and social networking sites are becoming the new way to talk to prospects and customers. This session covers the what, how and why of podcasting, blogging and online syndication of your message across the new web. Learn how to utilize the feature rich and interactive tools of Web 2.0
Presented by: Dean Owen – BrassMedia

All events above are VIDEO CONFERENCED across Alberta. Please call the Entrepreneurship Learning Centre (ELC) regional site prior to the session to check availability and to register. For locations, visit:  For more information, call          
The Business Link
Business Information Line:      1-800-272-9675     
Edmonton: 100 – 10237 104 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1B1
Tel:      780 422-7722      Fax: 780 422-0055
Calgary: 250 – 639 5 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 0M9
Tel:      403 221-7800      Fax: 403 221-7817
E-mail:  Website:

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Follow-up to local TV post

My blog in the local paper – Red Deer Advocate - has gotten some traffic following a recent post on the future of our local TV station. We were even on the front-page (below the fold) on Saturday’s paper.


Kinda cool . . . but what really matters is the reaction to the topic. It’s amazing how many people commented both online and offline about local news on TV. Most were wondering where it was. Some even commented that their move to signal providers like satellite resulted in a loss of the local TV station and they didn’t really care since they weren’t missing anything. Sad – but true? Some folks supported the local station and it’s broadcasting of some local news and events. Most were disappointed with local coverage. If you want to take part in the conversation you can go online here at the Red Deer Advocate.


BTW: thanks to all who have commented on our blog. As part of the fusedlogic Facebook Foodbank Challenge, we will be donating some needed food products to our local food-bank here in Penhold. Check out the Flickr site for our photos when we get them posted.


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