Live streaming of events now available in Olds

BRASSmedia Canada now offers live streaming of events in Olds Alberta. By making use of the super high-speed internet services from O-NET in Olds, we can stream your event to the web in  High-Definition.

We recently lived streamed a three day conference featuring keynote speakers, concurrent sessions (recorded and played back later in the day) and recorded the sessions for publishing on the web by our client. We incorporated the open cards, sponsor credits and speaker power-points into the live stream and the finished videos. At the live event we also projected the live stream on wall screens in real time.

Here are some photos of our setup at the event. We also used a third camera for a wide view of the conference hall.


The command centre where the audio and video sources are mixed for the stream along with a computer to monitor the live stream.


One of our crew hard at work with a view of the ‘video wall’ in the background.

Here is one of the finished videos of the Community Showcase featured at the event:

BRASSmedia Canada is excited to offer this new service to the community of Olds Alberta.


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Elite Internet Video is now a part of BRASSmedia Canada

BRASSmedia Canada has always owned and operated Elite Internet Video but has now absorbed their operations in the BRASSmedia service offerings. As the year’s have gone by it became apparent that there was some confusion within the market-place about the two companies. As a result, the video services offered by Elite Internet Video have been added to BRASSmedia Canada’s list of offerings to our clients.

We look forward to providing the great services to our clients that we always have but now under one banner.

Thank you . . .

Dean Owen

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A project incorporating visual imaging, text and full motion video

Here is our latest project which was shown at the Olds Institute’s AGM in Olds Alberta. The intent was to capture the stories of each of the committees and business units within the organization within a short time frame – typically one minute per person. Tying together the various ‘elevator pitches’ was the challenge. The use of a ‘whiteboard’ art and text worked to convey the key messages and support the verbal statements of some of the people involved. We had a lot of fun on this project. We interviewed thirteen people over a twenty-day period and worked closely with two people from the OI to ensure the messages were on track. The videos will now be used in their promotional activities on the web, at live events and via email newsletters and links.



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The last episode of Inside the CNWA podcast

This is the last episode of Inside the CNWA. With the shutting down of the CNWA Pro Wrestling promotion and organization it is only fitting that the power house behind this latest version of CNWA talk about his twenty year career. ‘Mr. Beefy Goodness’ Vance Nevada talks with ‘The Legend’ T. James Logan about a life-time in pro-wrestling and the highs and lows of the CNWA.

Don’t fret though – ‘The Legend’ T. James Logan will continue covering and reporting on independent wrestling in Canada with ‘From The Second Row’. Keep listening for more great interviews and insights from ‘The Legend’ T. James Logan.

Play audio by clicking on link . . .

inside the cnwa app -cover-art


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CNWA Pro Wrestling TV: DVD sales are still alive and well

Canadian Independent Pro Wrestling at its best: CNWA Pro Wrestling TV – DVD’s – this is a project we worked on for a few years. Even though the CNWA folded (though some promotions are still using the name) these DVD’s will keep things alive.


BRASSmedia Canada assisted in the event tv show production, in post production and owns the rights for the DVD production and distribution. Although DVD as a distribution platform has declined for some content thanks to online access, we still sell many units at live events. It’s convenient, easy and not everyone has enough broadband to download or watch a show via stream.DVD’s still meet the need in some niche areas of content creation and distribution. 


BRASSmedia Canada designed and manages the CNWA Pro Wrestling TV DVD sales website, eCommerce site (Wazala)  and Facebook Page.

Capture0f website IMG_0194

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Mlc Creative Designs & Consulting Podcast Episode #3

Maureen Cowling from Mlc Creative Designs & Consulting talks about Feng Shui and how your front entrance can invite energy into your home. This is Part 2 of 2 shows where Maureen discusses Feg Shui.

mlc-podcast artwork


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Our latest project: Olds Community TV

Anyone who has followed my blogs or who talks to me for any length of time is aware of my feelings and passion for local television. Many times I have lamented the loss of local coverage on mainstream broadcast and cable networks. I’ve talked about it often enough and even suggested a few ideas to resolve the problem and publish or broadcast local news and information either via the web or on cable. For the past few years I was involved with a small market producer with the intent of featuring local news and events from our community as television. Initially this was via the web with the intent of also securing a channel on the local cable/IPTV network. After some time working on this project it occurred to me that their solution wasn’t necessarily what I had in mind. Duplicating traditional TV with long form, top of the hour programming wasn’t the solution I was looking for.

This past summer I spent some time evaluating the need for local community television in our town and region. Also in the mix was determining how to leverage the local high-speed broadband and IPTV network being installed in the town of Olds. I developed about a half a dozen models to take advantage of the opportunity to build a business on the O-Net broadband network. There were two businesses that came out of this visioning. Olds Community TV is the one we are currently working on.

Olds Community TV

Unlike traditional television, Olds Community TV is a channel featuring a multi-media view on the full lean-back screen.


Featuring short-from live video segments anywhere from three to ten minutes long this channel serves up local/hyperlocal news and information from Mountain View County (local) and the town of Olds (hyper-local). In my initial market research phase where I have presented my concept of Olds Community TV to various groups in the community, the feedback has been positive. After reviewing the results of discussions, comments and suggestions on what the community would like to see and how they would like to access the channel’s content, we are ready to move forward with Olds Community TV – the goto location for news and information from Olds and Mountain View County.

Check out our website at for a sample of what we are proposing. A mock-up of the channel is here. Oh… and take our survey here.

Olds Community TV

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